NASA is going to celebrate Hubble's 32nd Birthday

In anticipation of this milestone, NASA released a stunning image of a "gravitational dance" in space.

The telescope image shows a merger of five galaxies grouped as the Hickson Compact Group (HCG) 40.

For this group of galaxy, the collision would take place in roughly a billion years from now

""Studying nearby groups like HCG 40 helps astronomers learn about how galaxies formed," the Hubble team's statement said.

The officials suspect that such galaxy-packed groups would have been more common in the earliest stages of universe

The fascinating group of galaxies is situated 300 million light-years away from Earth

So far, scientists have at least found more than 100 such compact galaxy groups, the Hubble team announced.

Officials believe that this unique configuration of the galaxy could be a result of "dark matter"

The Hubble telescope that is now ageing was launched in 1990 to better understand the universe.