Off Campus Drives 2022
Off Campus Drives 2022

Do You Ever Wonder?

What is my objective? What is Happiness? What are relationships? Can relationships be harmonious? What are values? What is love? What causes conflicts and misunderstandings? Is earning money my sole intention in life? What is Equality, Justice, Education? What is going on with our pure assets? What is my position? Is society wanted?  Why are there so many legal guidelines, guidelines, laws? Can we survive without one another? Why is there exploitation in society? What am I? What is that this world? What is life? What are these planets, stars, galaxies? Are we alone within the universe? What is the universe?

The human quest is to hunt a cheerful, safe, harmonious, and sustainable lifestyle. Happiness on the degree of the person, safety on the degree of household, concord on the degree of social, and sustainability on the planetary degree.

What do you aspire for? 

At current, this quest has typically been decreased to buying wealth and affect over others. However, the actual fact stays that irrespective of how a lot of wealth or to affect one acquires, fulfillment continues to elude us as people.

What is your quest?

Presently, the pursuit of wealth & energy is inflicting deterioration of self (psychological well-being, bodily well-being), relationships (unfulfilled expectations) leading to a society that is consistently combating/ exploiting inside itself. In the mainstream we have now accepted this exploitation as inevitable; concord will not be even a consideration anymore.

What do you assume, is that this an issue?

The influence of this damaging way of life is throughout and it results in everybody, however, none of us needs this destruction. Despite none of us wanting this destructivity in our residing, we’re all
sad, knowingly or unknowingly, taking part in it. And at a similar time hoping for
concord and sustainability.

What do you assume, do we have to do significantly higher as a society? 

Is this what we wish? Are there any variations to this? Can we people dwell in concord with one another? Can we nurture {our relationships}, households, communities, and society? Is there a chance for a sustainable lifestyle? Many of us are asking these questions; some are even making an attempt to reply to them and a few tries to current options to such associated points at numerous ranges.

If such questions/points concern you or curiosity you, then this Jeevan Vidya Introductory Course is for you.

Challenges Possibilities
Individual Boredom, confusion, loneliness,
disillusionment, melancholy, aggression…
meaningfulness, readability, rootedness, purposefulness, self-worth, calmness
Family / Relationships Unfulfilled expectations, interference, betrayal, injustice, dominance, abuse, discord, cash
Fulfillment of duties, mutual assist, belief, justice, inspiration, nurturing, cordiality, prosperity
Society Fear, hate, exploitation, inequality,
unemployment, poverty, wrestle, struggle
Security, respect, complementarity, equality, self-employment, improvement, cooperation, peace
Planet Pollution, local weather change, world warming, air, water meals shortage disaster Clean air-water-food, local weather reliability, Global balanced cycles of minerals, vegetation, animals, temperature, precipitation, wind, for the blooming of the planet with people.
What is Jeevan Vidya?
  • Jeevan Vidya (JV) is a proposal for understanding coexistence and residing in accordance with coexistence as outlined in philosophy referred to as Madhyasth Darshan.
  • Introductory JV course introduces one to the fundamental ideas of JV relating to Self, Relationships, Society, Nature, and the precept of coexistence governing all of those. With these fundamental ideas, one is ready to perceive the construction, objective, duties, expectation, fulfillment of assorted facets of life.
  • JV proposes that every particular person is able to understand primarily based residing and in absence of correct understanding they dwell based on their assumptions.
  • According to JV, understanding is that which takes one in direction of concord in
    self and at a similar time concord with others.
  • If concord is absent then it’s simply an ‘assumption’ not understanding, which must be examined. In reality, training is the journey from assumptions in direction of understanding.
  • Those of us who’ve engaged with JV has slowly developed a ‘worldview’ that helps in residing a more harmonious life.

Human Values workshop based on Jeevan Vidya (Madhyasth Darshan)

What is Jeevan Vidya Introductory Course?
  • It is normally a 7-day residential course.
  • The facilitator places forth proposals for the members to look at.
  • Clarifications on the proposals launched throughout periods are welcome and addressed.
  • This course is freed from Do’s & Don’ts subsequently there isn’t any preaching.
  • This course will not be related to any faith, sect, or commune.
  • Normally, the classroom periods final for over 6 hours, so the members have to be
    mentally ready for that.
  • Besides the above-mentioned formal interplay time, members are free for
    casual interactions.
  • There are not any necessary guidelines on this course. Participants are steered to keep up
    civility, cooperativeness, and politeness with one another, in order to nurture a studying and considering setting inside the participant group.
About the Facilitator

Ashok Kumar Gopala aged 50 years was born and introduced up in Delhi and presently lives along with his spouse (Sheila) and two daughters in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. In previous he has additionally lived in Noida and Dehradun. During his professionally lively days (1994-2007) he labored as an IT skilled. From 2008 to the current he’s engaged as an Organic Farmer in addition to Facilitator for Jeevan Vidya workshops. His college & University training was performed at The Army Public School New Delhi, IIT Delhi & Kakatiya University, Warangal.

During his days in IIT Delhi (1988-92), Ashok found that he was not impressed by the choices supplied by the mainstream (fashionable, urbanized) lifestyle. Fortunately for him quickly he got here throughout Jeevan Vidya (JV) in 1993 by his professor, Dr. Yash Pal Satya. After a preliminary examination of Jeevan Vidya, he began believing that this was the trail he wished to discover additional.

Under the steerage of Shri A. Nagraj (authentic propounder of Jeevan Vidya), the method of understanding JV was then undertaken collectively by the husband-wife staff of Ashok & Sheila. This has been a journey of 24 years and has introduced many adjustments to their private, household, and social life. In this course, they’ve at numerous factors of their lives, made a number of selections primarily based on their understanding of JV, and moved in direction of a more harmonious & sustainable lifestyle. The selections made have been within the area of relationships, parenting, occupation, and well-being.

The household is now primarily based in Raipur, Chattisgarh, whereas engaged within the instructional applications of JV. They have two small farms in Roorkee, Uttarakhand & Bemetara, Chhatisgarh the place natural agriculture is practiced by pure farming strategies. These farms give their household and associates pure, natural meals. As part of their sustenance in addition they produce some healthcare merchandise at their dwelling.

  • Venue: Sambhaavnaa Institute, Village : Kandbadi, Post – Kamlehad, Tehsil-Palampur, Kangra -176061
  • Dates: 2nd to eighth May 2021
Participant Contribution

✦ Simple lodging will likely be supplied on the venue from 5 pm onwards from 1st May until 5 pm, eighth May
✦ Breakfast, lunch & dinner comprising of straightforward nutritious vegetarian meals. Tea will likely be supplied twice a day.
✦ Rs. 6500/- per particular person will likely be charged for lodging and meals; members are requested to remit the quantity at the time of registration.
✦ No Fee/Payment or donation is anticipated or accepted by the facilitator for any Jeevan Vidya exercise (lectures, conferences, workshops, and so on), these are shared for mutual pleasure.

How to Register?

Interested members can register for the workshop by this link.


For any other info: WhatsApp or call Shashank: 889 422 7954 (between 10 am to 5 pm), and e-mail: [email protected]

For more details, click on the link below.

Jeevan Vidya Workshop at Sambhaavnaa Institute, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh

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