Ebbe Nielsen Challenge 2021 [Prizes Worth Rs. 17 L] | Submit Entries by 2nd August

Applications are invited for the Ebbe Nielsen Challenge 2021.

About the Challenge

The 2021 Ebbe Nielsen Challenge has opened to recognize innovative entries that leverage biodiversity data and tools from the GBIF community to advance open science. A knowledgeable jury will decide entries on their openness and repeatability, relevance and novelty and present a selected pool of winners with a complete of up to €20,000 in prizes.

Between 20 January and 2 August 2021, individuals and groups can prepare tools and strategies that enhance the access, usefulness, and high quality of open biodiversity data and submit them to this annual open-ended incentive competition.

Challenge entries can take any variety of approaches. Entrants may choose to develop new applications, visualizations, methods, workflows, or analyses, typically (however not at all times) making use of the GBIF API to access information. You may additionally build on or extend the capabilities of existing tools and options accessible throughout the GBIF network.

Entries should benefit multiple stakeholder teams, together with data users, data holders, and data managers. You might want to evaluate the GBIF Communications Strategy to see how we describe GBIF’s audiences.

Winners will be introduced at the 28th GBIF Governing Board meeting in October 2021.


The Challenge is open to individuals, groups of people, companies and their staff, and governmental agencies and their staff.

The Challenge shouldn’t be open to:

  • Current employees members at the GBIF Secretariat
  • Individuals currently contracting directly with the GBIF Secretariat
  • Members of the GBIF Science Committee
  • Heads of Delegation to GBIF

A panel of expert judges from related scientific, informatics and technology domains will evaluate submissions based on the next criteria:

  • Openness and repeatability: Are the constituent elements of the submission, like code and content, freely accessible and transparent? Are they appropriately licensed?
  • Applicability: Does the submission have sufficient relevance and scope that the communities GBIF support can use or construct it?
  • Novelty Has a good portion of the submission been developed particularly for the challenge? Submissions primarily based largely or entirely on previously published work should not be deemed to be eligible entries.
Submission Requirements

Entrants should fill the entry form, which offers details about the entry, including:

  • Submission name/title
  • Team member(s) names and affiliations
  • Abstract and rationale
  • Operating instructions
  • Link to visuals (prototype, demo, video, screenshots, slides, and many others.)
  • Link(s) to submit materials on any appropriate website or repository

The judges and GBIF Secretariat employees should have the ability to

  • access and operate or evaluate the submission for free of charge
  • operate it on readily available {hardware} (if the submission is a stand-alone application)
  • repeat any processes or routines, if the submission is a script or different automated solution
Submission Deadline

August 2, 2021

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