Electric Vehicles Project by MeiTy

Applicants are invited for the Proposal for Development of Electric Vehicles(EVs) by Government of India by 5th September, 2021.

As the World is developing towards a newer generation, Electric Vehicles are substituting traditional fuel based technologies to Eco-friendly technologies such as battery driven technologies for Development of Electric Vehicles. The limited resources of fossil fuels are decreasing as a result people are shifting their life towards a sustainable eco-friendly future ahead.

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Keeping all the technological requirements of EVs & to increase the domestic manufacturing of Electric Vehicles in India a short-term R&D project is initiated by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology(MeitY) for the product development for EVs for the areas such as motor, controller, converter, chargers, etc. The R&D project will help to deliver indigenous EV subsystems at an affordable with quality.

Objective of the Project:

The main objectives of the project is to develop EV Sub-systems in the areas of Electric Vehicles(Electric Motor, Controller, Converters, Chargers, etc.) ranging from small to large sized vehicles indigenously. The expected results of the project is that the Products should be Cost Effective, Quality Competitive with World Class Electric Vehicles & Ready for commercialization.

Duration Of the Project:

The total duration of the Project should not exceed 24 months including product development & commercialization, but the prototypes must be ready for testing within 18 months of the project start.

Implementation Modalities:

Electric Vehicle Sub-systems has to be taken up in consortium mode comprising different Government institutes/ R&D Organization recognized by DSIR for the design & development, industry to commercialize it & vehicle manufacturer to use the developer products in the manufacturing.

The government institutes/ R&D organization would lead the projects & the participating teams are expected to contribute in the development as directed by the Government institutes/ R&D organizations.

Application Submission:

Proposals as per format (given at link and Terms and Conditions given at link may be submitted by 05.09.2021 through email/ hardcopy at the following address:

Smt. Sunita Verma,
Scientist ‘G’ & HoD (ESDA),
R&D in Electronics Group,
Electronics Niketan, 6 CGO Complex, New Delhi-110003
Phone: +91-11-24364810 (Office)
Email: sunita[at]meity[dot]gov[dot]in

Click here to view the official notification of Call for Proposals: Development of Electric Vehicles (EVs) Sub-Systems by Govt of India.

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