MyGov India Smart Metering Quiz Answers 2022
MyGov India Smart Metering Quiz Answers 2022

In this post, we have provided the possible questions and their solutions asked in the MyGov India Smart Metering Quiz Answers 2022. However, you may conduct your own search for being assured about the answers.

About Quiz:

The Ministry of Power, Govt. of India has launched a reforms-based and results-linked Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme (RDSS). The scheme aims to improve the operational efficiencies and financially reform ailing public sector DISCOMs/Power Departments by providing conditional assistance to them for strengthening of supply infrastructure. The assistance will be based on meeting pre-defined parameters as well as achievement of basic minimum benchmarks set by the DISCOMs and the Centre. The Scheme would be available till the year 2025-26. REC and PFC have been nominated as nodal agencies for facilitating the implementation of the Scheme.

Given the massive losses suffered by DISCOMs as a result of power theft, AT&C losses, meter tampering, inaccurate billing, etc. RDSS offers a lifeline to help turn around the fortunes of the distribution sector in a bid to establish a robust, reliable, and resilient power sector.

This quiz is being organized for generating awareness and sensitizing the public at large about smart metering and the RDSS scheme as a whole. Furthermore, it aims to inform people about the various benefits they will derive from the scheme.

Terms & Conditions of the Quiz:

  • The Quiz is being organized by the REC, Ministry of Power, and the Government of India.
  • Participants from all over the world and of all nationalities are eligible to enter the quiz.
  • The quiz will be available for all contestants for the period of 1 minute [60 seconds], in which they have to answer 10 questions.
  • The quiz will start as soon as the participant clicks the Start Quiz button.
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Source: MyGov India

MyGov Smart Metering Quiz – Start  Date & Time:

5 Apr 2022, 1:00 pm

MyGov Smart Metering Quiz – End Date & Time:

4 Jun 2022, 11:59 pm

How to Attend Mygov Smart Metering Quiz Answers?

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Total Number of Questions & Time:

10 Questions, 60 Seconds.

Smart Metering Quiz – Questions & Answers:

Please Note: The questions & answers are provided for your reference. We do not encourage the students to use any wrong way to solve the questions.

Q1. For Prepaid Smart Consumer metering, how much grant shall be available for “Other than Special Category” states –

  • Rs 1350 or 22.5% of the cost per consumer meter (whichever is lower)
  • Rs 900 or 15% of the cost per consumer meter (whichever is higher)
  • Rs 900 or 15% of the cost per consumer meter (whichever is lower)
  • Rs 1350 or 22.5% of the cost per consumer meter (whichever is higher)

Q2. How many smart meters have been installed across India till now –

  • More than 2 million
  • More than 3 million
  • More than 4 million
  • More than 5 million

Q3. For works other than smart metering, what shall be the maximum financial assistance given to DISCOMs of “Other than Special Category” States and “special category states” –

  • 90% of the approved cost, 60% of the approved cost
  • 30% of the approved cost, 60% of the approved cost
  • 60% of the approved cost, 90% of the approved cost
  • 90% of the approved cost (for both)

Q4. What are the benefits of using pre-paid smart meters –

  • You can track electricity consumption using a mobile application.
  • You can recharge your electricity account in advance.
  • Smart meters can digitally send your electricity reading to the utility & it helps the utilities improve power supply.
  • All the above.

Q5. What is the total Outlay of the RDSS Scheme and over how many years –

  • INR 3,03,758 Cr., 5 Years
  • INR 4,04,758 Cr., 5 Years
  • INR 3,08,753 Cr., 3 Years
  • INR 3,03,857 Cr., 3 Years

Q6. What are the minimum marks that a DISCOM needs to achieve against the result evaluation framework under RDSS –

  • 40%
  • 50%
  • 60%
  • 70%

Q7. What is the duration of Phase-1 of the guidelines –

  • Till FY-23
  • Till FY-24
  • Till December-23
  • Till December-24

Q8. Which was the first Municipality to achieve 100% smart meter installation in its region –

  • South Delhi Municipal Corporation
  • Haryana Urban Development Authority
  • New Delhi Municipal Council
  • Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority

Q9. Which of the following is NOT a priority area for prepaid smart metering –

  • Govt. Offices
  • Industrial & Commercial Consumers
  • 500 Amrut cities with AT&C Loss less than 15%
  • All UTs

Q10. Under RDSS, how many conventional meters are aimed to be replaced with smart meters in India –

  • 30 Crores
  • 25 Crores
  • 20 Crores
  • 18 Crores

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